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Hypnotherapy in Glasgow

We’ve all seen the wonders of hypnosis on television from the likes of Derren Brown. Although those tricks are a joy to watch, stage hypnosis often casts a shadow over the lesser-known clinical hypnotherapy, a practice that’s been used to transform countless lives around the world.

Through these techniques, if you’re open to them, you can quickly make progress in your life towards your goals.

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Otherwise, read on and learn about how it can help you…

What Problems Can My Hypnotherapy Service In Glasgow Help With?

Each of us have a story to tell; it’s part of life. However, not all past experiences are positive. They bring us down and limit us from reaching our full potential. Here are the key problems that our hypnotherapy service in Glasgow can help you with:

Stress & Anxiety

Stress is something we experience when we feel under too much pressure and unable to cope. We all experience stress from time to time and it comes out in different ways for each of us. A certain situation (for example, bungee jumping) may be incredibly stressful for one person, but someone else’s idea of fun.

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A whole host of circumstances cause stress. Most often though, it’s down to work, finances or relationships with people we care about breaking down.

Although it’s not always possible to control the situation causing the stress, it is very much possible to control how we react to them.

You see, our brains have evolved to deal with deadly threats from thousands of years ago – bears, tigers and possibly the odd dinosaur!

When a threat came to our attention, our brains would trigger a hormone release of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause our hearts to beat faster, breath to speed up and our muscles to become tense. These days, this response is known to scientists as the ‘fight or flight response’ and it gave us the physical edge we needed to either beat the aggressor or run away to safety.  

Since then, times have changed and the threat to our survival has become substantially diminished. However, our brains have retained this survival mechanism.

Now, even if something is fairly safe, our brain can pick it up as a danger and trigger this response. The feelings that we get from that response are what call stress.

In most cases, the stress hormones will fade away as you realise that the perceived threat is of no harm (or is too far away). However, in the world we live in where we rarely stop, it’s common for those stress hormones to keep firing away, stopping you from ever relaxing and feeling normal again.

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is one of the fundamental needs, without taking the time out of your day to lie back, rest and recover, your body won’t be able to function correctly. And, when that happens, all sorts of problems start to crop up from mood swings to aches and pains to illness (and that’s just the start!

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Sleep hypnosis is a useful tool used by millions of people around the world to help them let go of the day and get a proper rest.

The simplest way of describing this techniques is that it’s a guided narrative that leads you into a more relaxed state of mind which helps you fall asleep more easily.

In most situations, sleep hypnosis comes in the form of a recording as it is not feasible for a hypnotherapist to be by your bedside or to fall asleep at a clinic.


Bad Habits

Habits are often overcomplicated by self-help gurus, but at the end of the day, they’re just behaviours that you repeat on a consistent basis. A bad habit is something that stalls your progress towards your goals. By letting go of that habit and directing your energy towards a good one, you’ll make some pretty radical changes!

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Hypnotherapy can help you achieve this by linking the bad habits with repulsive associations, discouraging you from doing them again in the future.

Lack Of Clarity

Imagine you are a captain of a ship, boldly setting off on an adventure. You’ve got everything you need, except that you don’t know where you want to go. Every few miles you change your mind and as a result, you end up nowhere. It works the exact same way in your life – you need to know what you want in order to make progress!

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By letting go of the many shiny objects in your life that are distracting you, it allows you to get clear on what you really want in the long-term.

Hypnotherapy helps you get that clarity, move forward and stick to your big goals until you succeed with them.

Smoking Addiction

Although smoking doesn’t often hold people back from career progress, it’s important not to overlook the fact that every time you take a drag of that cigarette, it reduces your lifespan. So, you’ve got to ask yourself – what’s the point in progressing your career if you don’t live long enough to reap the rewards from it.

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A recent study estimated that 80% of smokers felt they would be happier if they quit, but weren’t able to do so.

The real issue with smoking is the comfort associated with the release of nicotine when they have ‘a hit’.

Hypnotherapy can help you to break this deadly habit by creating negative associations with smoking that repel you from it.

Meanwhile, positive associations can be created around other habits that will help you become more healthy. A simple example is to drink water instead and experience huge joy in doing so

Weight Problems

Food is another necessity in our lives. However, problems start to occur when we rely on it as a way to comfort us emotionally. Often, this is the primary source of obesity. Being mindful of your weight is more than just about feeling unnattractive, it’s also about ensuring that your body is working at it’s best too!

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By becoming aware of your situation, looking externally at your body and being objective, it can become easier to realise where you are at in terms of your weight (whether you are over or under where is right for you).

Hypnotherapy is not just a way of becoming mentally stronger, it also helps you to let go of any narratives that you’ve been telling yourself about your weight, allowing you to work on a new, healthy goal.


Where These Problems Stem From…

A lot of people overcomplicate these problems, but more often than not, they can be explained by one of the following:

Hypnosis Glasgow

1. Negative Programming

Through your past experiences, your mind may have become negatively programmed to create these problems as a coping mechanism.

hypnotherapy Glasgow

2. Disconnection From Reality

When you feel so far removed from reality, bad habits can seem like just the opposite, preventing you from being able to make positive change.

hypnotherapist Glasgow

3. Too Many Responsibilties

With too much on your mind, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and let emotions run away with you.

An experienced hypnotherapist, helping you overcome bad habits and guide you towards progress!


Become Aware Of Your Feelings

I start off by helping you disconnect the story you are telling yourself with the reality you are in, allowing you to begin moving forward.


Let Go Of Negativity

I help you let go of negative emotions so that you can re-focus on aligning yourself with a future filled with positivity.


Make Progress Forward

I help you take back control of your mind so that you are no longer at the mercy of bad habits.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is natural state of mind; it’s feels very similar to day dreaming where you’re lost in thought, but with a key difference – the thoughts are being guided through a narrative for you towards positivity! Interestingly, hypnotherapy clients are often surprised at the length of time they’re in a trance for because they are so calm and content. An hour session can fly by and feel like a just a few minutes.

With that in mind, hypnosis receives a lot of misinformation from the media. Many people believe that hypnotherapists are in some way controlling their clients, however this is false. The truth is that you, as a client, are very much in control. If you wanted to, you could just open your eyes, but because you know the session feels good and is for your benefit, it makes sense to continue.

Through a series of simple hypnotic techniques, you are easily able to achieve a state of complete relaxation that many people train for years to get through meditation. When in this state, it’s much easier to access the subconscious and visualise your goals.

Within hypnotherapy, there are two key techniques. First is suggestion therapy which involves the placement of positive messages to your subconscious mind (where it’s more susceptible to accepting these. When you return to your normal state, these messages will continue work to help you achieve your goals. Second is hypnoanalysis which is used to look into and let go of the root cause of problems in your life that are holding you back from making progress.

Why It Works

1. New Environment

Often, it’s difficult to open up about problems in your life to friends and family. Working with a professional makes you feel more comfortable about opening up.

2. Breaks Bad Patterns

By placing yourself in a safe space with a trustworthy hypnotherapist, it allows your unconscious mind to open up and let go of bad programming.

3. Builds New Narrative

Through hypnosis, subtle suggestions will become embedded into your mind, building a new story about your life allowing you to change.

If you’re feeling low because of your current situation, I can help you get back on track!



Experienced Hypnotherapist in Glasgow clinic with years of experience in helping clients to overcome deep seated issues, allowing them to take massive shifts forward.


Personal Experience

I have used hypnotherapy to transform my life over the past 10 years and I’d love to help you to achieve the same.


Calming Presence

Relaxed treatment room have been created specifically to provide a calming environment which is conducive to remaining in a hypnotic state.



My clients have gone on to achieve great things and we are extremely proud of them.

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Frequently asked questions

Although many people have heard of hypnotherapy, it’s rare that people know what is involved. Here are the most common questions:

Can you really hypnotise a person?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotised in the right environment. In a clinical setting though, it’s important to be aware that you must be open to the treatment; if you reject the process, it won’t have any benefit to you.

What is hypnotic trance?

Hypnotic trances are happening all the time. If you ever catch yourself getting lost in a film, a book or even just your thoughts – that’s a hypnotic trance. The key difference between those trances and clinical hypnosis is that the latter is very much directed towards positive habits whereas the former is often about selling you a new type of dishwasher tablets!

Can hypnosis help anxiety?

Yes, hypnotherapy is a great way to help you let go of stress and anxiety so that you can focus on more important things in your life.

How much does hypnosis cost?

Our hypnosis sessions cost £50 for a 60 minute session. If you buy a block booking of 5 treatments, you will get an additional session for free.

Can hypnosis be dangerous?

There are a lot of self-taught hypnotists out there who don’t know what they are doing. Because they are dealing with deep unconscious programming of your mind, it’s important that you trust your hypnotherapist before agreeing to work with them. For your first session, we always provide a complimentary consultation so you can get to know each other. 

Can hypnosis change your personality?

Deep personality change can take a long time to happen. The mind is very much elastic in that if you do not continue to exercise, it will go back to it’s original programming.

Can someone be hypnotised without knowing it?

Yes, adverts do this to you all the time. Every day, you come into contact with thousands of embedded commands on social media and television. Hypnotherapy is often about removing these commands!

What are the side effects of hypnosis?

As long as the treatment is provided by an experienced progressional, there is no downside of working with a hypnotherapist.

Can you hypnotise yourself?

Yes, self-hypnosis is very possible. In fact, many people do this around the world and it is called meditation. Over time, we’ll encourage you to practice this skill, however it can be difficult for people just starting out on their journey.

How long can you be hypnotised?

Some hypnotic commands are so powerful that they can last forever depending upon the message and the receiver. With that in mind, the recipient is always in control of what goes into their mind.

How is hypnosis induced?

Hypnosis is induced by relaxing your mind and helping you to become aware of your senses. This is followed by a narrative that your mind follows, allowing it to experience a series of emotions that are connected to commands.

Can hypnosis cure depression?

Depression is an illness that shouldn’t be thought of lightly. Although hypnosis has been a tried and tested way of helping to beat it, taking you to a happier place, it’s best not to look at it as a cure.

How do you prepare for hypnosis?

Simply turn up for your session in plenty of time wearing comfortable clothes and carrying an open mind.

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